Did you bring your best-self to work today?

The Alignment Quest experience will inspire, inform, and empower you to Become Extraordinary by bringing your best-self to life. Through coaching sessions, virtual meetings, assessments, exercises and ongoing discussions we will:


Level 1.0
Experiment: Commit to changing one of your daily practices for 30 days to bring your actions into stronger alignment with your best-self.

Encourage: Share the Alignment Quest Experience with others. Report on your successes and challenges in our facebook group.

Level 2.0
Assess: Complete the P.A.Q.

Experiment: Commit to an alignment experiment that will increase your: purposeful engagement at work, ability to put your strengths to work, ability to bring your whole self to work, or your ability to cultivate affirming relationships that enliven your best-self.

Encourage: Join an Alignment Quest cohort. Become a part of an intimate group of individuals who seek a common purpose in bringing their lives into alignment with their best-selves. Share your experiences in weekly virtual meetings and a private chat room.

Extra Resources:
Complete 12 powerful reflection exercises in the Alignment Quest Guide. (coming soon)
Sign up for an individual coaching session to discuss your P.A.Q. results.
Download video lectures on the Alignment Quest.

Coming Soon!!
A book by Dr. Laura Morgan Roberts...
Becoming Extraordinary: The Alignment Quest