Our Curriculum

Dr. Laura Morgan Roberts and R-PAQ Solutions, LLC offer a multi-dimensional, holistic suite of transformational experiences. Our offerings include: online courses, keynote speeches, on-site workshops, coaching sessions, web conferences, assessments, books, and virtual discussion forums.
Our curriculum is designed to inspire and inform individuals and groups as they build their own unique paths toward becoming their best selves.  We work with clients as they move through two phases of personal and collective transformation. We encourage clients to create a customized course of study that aligns with their developmental goals.

Phase 1: Personal Transformation
Did you bring your best self to work today? Phase 1 introduces a framework for creating Personal and Professional Alignment that is grounded in the most exciting, inspiring and relevant research on the psychology of work, identity, and relationships. Create the conditions where you can thrive by increasing alignment in four key areas: purposeful engagement in work, putting your strengths to work, bringing your whole self to work, and cultivating affirming relationships. Learn how to architect your career around your strengths, style and resources to achieve personal fulfillment and to make a positive difference in the world. Identify leadership practices that increase employees’ personal and professional alignment.

Special Topics:
- Who are you at your best?
- How do you create value?
- What is your unique path to fulfillment?
- What types of work situations enable you to thrive?
- What personal practices and routines enhance your alignment?

Phase 2: Organizational Transformation.
Extraordinary leaders know how to create contexts that engage employees maximally from positions of strength. Phase 2 introduces a strategic, strength-based platform for diversity and talent management.  Build systems and practices that enable employees of diverse perspectives and backgrounds to bring their best selves to work. Learn to leverage employee’s unique strengths and experiences to make valuable, authentic contributions to their organizations. Create an appreciative organizational culture that welcomes the unique contributions that your employees bring.

Special Topics:
- Where are the hidden resources in my organization?
- How does the culture of my organization promote strength-based contributions?
- How can the leaders of my organization bring their best-self to work?


Seek professional assistance from a licensed counselor, coach or therapist if you are experiencing considerable misalignment or you wish to enlist support in generating greater alignment between your personal and professional life. R-PAQ Solutions is happy to provide you with referrals. Please contact us at: laura@lauramorganroberts.com