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This is the season to transform what’s inside of you - to bring to life all of the potential that you have been endowed to live life to its fullest, to create value through your work for your world. This is your season to “figure it out” ...the who, the what, the where, and the how of taking your life to the next level. This is your season for discovering your Best Self, being at your best more often, and making your best even better. This is the season for becoming extraordinary. The Alignment Quest will lay the groundwork for you to travel along the pathways from Misalignment to Alignment, and from "good enough" to great in critical areas of your professional or work life.

This Alignment Quest focuses on the relationship between your personal and professional (or work) life. Work is a central part of life for most adults - not only does it require a considerable amount of time and effort, but it can also provide necessary financial and social resources for taking care of ourselves and our families. Most people define themselves, at least in part, in terms of what they do for "work" (broadly defined). Whether your current work is paid or unpaid, your dedicated efforts typically reflect your priorities, values and goals. Bringing your Best Self to your work - through increasing Personal & Professional Alignment - can help you to make a positive difference in your workplace and beyond. Your life is much broader than your work activities.

So the Personal & Professional Alignment Quest (PAQ) also helps you to chart a path for bringing your Best Self to life, both inside and outside of your current workplace.


Remember that ALIGNMENT is not inherently good. The truth is, you can bring your life into Alignment with your best self, your mediocre self, or your worst self. Some people channel their talents and skills into activities that diminish rather than create value. Their actions are aligned with the values they cling to when they feel threatened, afraid, and overpowered. They decide to ride others’ coat tails or to take down other people in order to lift themselves up. This is bringing your life into Alignment with your mediocre or suboptimal self.


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